The darkest star by Jennifer L. Armentrout


I thought nobody is better than Daemon Black, but then I read this beautiful book.

I adore Jennifer L. Armentrout, she´s just the best.

If I were in your shoes I would definitely read this book, this is just amazing!



Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout


Pages: 443



“That was what I wanted at some point in my life, for someone to look at me like I looked at tacos.” - Jennifer L.Armentrout (Evelyn)


What the book is about:

Everybody knows how the Lux tried to  invade the earth. But while the Invasion failed, many Lux are living on the earth. Evie and her best friend Heidi

are visting a Club, but they should not be there. Evelyn meets a guy called Luc. The adventure Begins, but it

is dangerous. Is Luc good or a villain?




 First of all I really have to say that I was really obsessed with the Lux-Serie and of course with Daemon. So before I had read this book, I was extremely happy that my favourite athor is currently writting a new serie. But I have not thought that this would be just as good as it is. So I´m so delighted that I read this book and I´m waiting for the second book of this brilliant serie!


  • Our main character is Evelyn. She is just a normal Teenager girl. She is in love with tacos, taking some photographs and meeting her friends. She just has got "the perfect life." I really can compare her life to mine. It´s just a bit similar. She is really kind and has got a very sweet heart. She is so funny in the whole story and sometimes I just was sitting in my room and were smiling about her jokes. Every human has to love her. In my view she is the best female character Jennifer l. Armentrout has created yet.
  • The next Person I´m going to speak about is Luc. Oh gosh, he is just handsome. He is not a "normal" teenage guy, because he is a Origin. (If you read the Lux-serie you just have a clue what I´m talking about) He is so sensitive and has a very big heart. Often I smiled at the book, because he was so hilarious and was just kidding around. I am so exciting to read more about him and the love story with Evelyn.


In my opinion this book was so freaking good. I´m a big fan about the lux and their story. So I hope that she will publish more books about Luc and Evelyn. When the serie about Daemon and Katy were finally finished, I was so sad. But with this whole new creative Story I can just jump into the "old Feelings", because (SPOILER)= AHH Daemon is in the book and he is so handsome!!! (SPOILER END)






This book was completely stunning! I enjoyed every minute of reading. The book "the darkest star" is such an epic story that will leave you wanting more, with a worthy (adn well wirtten) love story. You have to read this amazing book! This book receives 5 from 5 flowers and I´m so in love with Luc and the whole book.